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19-22-23 January | 2023

Live démonstration at SIHRA

19-22-23 january 2023
SIHRA | Lyon

Meet chef richard hawke around different demonstrations

  • Thursday 19/1
    14h Demonstration at Louis François (4E43)
    15h Demonstration at Weiss (4F30)
    16h Demonstration at Louis François (4E43)
  • Sunday 22/1
    10h Demonstration at Weiss (4F30)
    14h and 16h Démonstrations at Dezaan (4D64)
  • Monday 23/1
    10h Démonstration at Weiss (4F30)
    11h Démonstration at Louis François (4E43)
    14 h Démonstration at Dezaan (4D64)


ADAPT book will be on sale at the Journal du Pâtissier stand (4C81)
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