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High quality products, wide range of flavours with no added sugar.

Where possible their products are non pasturised, which retains colour, flavour and texture!

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de Buyer

I love their pastry equipment: piping tips, saucepans (affinity is my favourite), baking trays, silicon mats (both normal and perforated).

My favourite de Buyer product would have to be the ‘Raplette’, a spreading tool for sponge, chocolate, creams, marshmallow and more.

The best way of quickly enabling any chef for even results every time


Their ‘perle de vanilla’ (vanilla pearl) is an amazing product that is easy to use and very effective with giving a nice vanilla flavour, their wide range of different vanilla products of high quality are also great to have access when looking for the unique vanilla flavour.

They don’t only do vanilla, their extract range has some very interesting products that help bring out the best flavours in your creations!

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The best range of silicon moulds for pastry use.

Robust and made for working with on a daily basis, I like the different shapes that they have on offer.

Fabrice Pleinchene

Fabrice is an artist, he is capable of making custom moulds, dough cutters and also stencils that really help a chef’s creativity.
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The ideal tool for every chef.

It is important to correctly store one’s recipes to be able to correctly calculate and transform them into amazing creations.

Color foods

The powder to colour with powdered or liquid fruit and vegetables.

I don’t like to use artificial colours in my pastry, and this solution can help you with an alternative.

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Weiss make some very tasty and high-quality couverture chocolates and pralines.

They are more of a niche brand that even some have not heard of, but this will soon change as their products speak for themselves!

Louis François

Before when I didn’t work with this company I was very much in the dark.

Louis François and their R&D department really helped me better understand the ingredients and how I can make them work in my own recipes.

The process is an ongoing work, and it is amazing to work with such professionals that have all of the know-how!

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Manufacturer of food preparation appliances.

My favorite product from their range has to be the MD95, a hand blender that has a very small head, a strong motor which is great for everyday pastry.

They also have a large range of larger models that help the emulsification process, gaining time and ensuring a consistent product.

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