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Vegan Chocolate Mousse

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	 Vegan Chocolate Mousse

For all those who are allergic to eggs or just vegan, I want to share with you this recipe which shows that even without conventional ingredients (cream, milk or eggs), it is quite possible to recreate the recipes of our childhood with indulgence!

Ingredients :

  • 262 g   52,5%   Water
  • 2,5 g    0,5%     Guar gum
  • 110 g   22%      Cocoa paste
  • 75 g     15%      Aquafaba
  • 50 g     10%      Caster sugar
  • 500 g   100%    Total


icons8-mixer-50 (1)Instructions :

Melt cocoa paste to 40°C, add guar gum and pour water on top.
Emulsify with a hand blender and cool to 30°C.

Whip aquafaba with sugar to form a creamy meringue before folding into previous chocolate base.

Pour into verrines (glasses) and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Grate chocolate on top before serving.

Chef’s tip: :

The mixing temperature (30°C) for the chocolate is a guide. Make sure that the chocolate mass has a decent consistency otherwise the mousse will set too quickly in the and will be difficult to pour into
the verrines.

It is recommended to use a hand blender when emulsifying the water, gum and cocoa paste.

This will enable a nice creamy texture when tasting.

What is aquafaba ?

It is the water from cooking chick peas. It is also possible to use other legumes but chick peas are the best option (from my perspective that is what works the best!). It is possible to make it yourself, or simply buying a jar of chick peas and retaining the juice.

If you prefer to make your own there are plenty of videos on the net to help you with this process, nothing complicated, you will need just a little patience!

Adapt :

Cocoa paste: Cocoa paste is chocolate without sugar. It is possible to find 100% chocolate which is exactly the same thing. If you decide to use 80% chocolate your recipe will be sweeter than mine.

It is equally possible to reduce the sugar in the recipe, but the final texture will be slightly modified.
Luckily in a verrine it isn’t the end of the world if there is less structure (hold).

Caster sugar: It is possible to change the sugar in the recipe for any other type. If you like vergeoise or brown sugar is it possible to replace with the same quantities.

Enjoy reliving your childhood memories and I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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written by Richard Hawke

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