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Stevy Antoine was instrumental in arranging the opportunity to present a masterclass with
international students in FERRANDI PARIS.
The theme was totally vegan and gluten-free pastries, a very broad topic for a 2-day
My first experience teaching at Ferrandi Paris and the facilities were impressive !

We created the following products :

Anna’s Pavlova

– Lime vanilla meringue
– Mango passionfruit coulis
– Coconut ganache aerienne

Lemon tart

– Almond shortbread
– Almond cream
– Sudachi coulis
– Lemon cream

Mahoe Noir Griotte

– Chocolate sponge
– Cocoa shortbread
– Griotte coulis
– Mahoe Noir Mousse
– Cocoa glaze finishing

Hazelnut apple

– Almond shortbread
– Hazelnut praline sponge
– Apple compote
– Hazelnut praline mousse
– Hazelnut praline cream


– Almond shortbread
– Soft almond sponge with wild strawberries
– Sudachi coulis
– Strawberry mousse
– Strawberry glaze

Mango Lychee

– Soft almond sponge
– Mango coulis
– Lychee mousse
– Mango glaze

Raspberry tart

– Almond shortbread
– Almond cream
– Raspberry coulis
– Fresh raspberries

The following techniques were carefully explained and then executed during the
masterclass :

  • Better understanding of pectins as a gelatin replacement
  • Using natural colours in recipes to ensure a product without added food colouring
  • Decorating simply with ingredients that are included in the products
  • Using fibre to reduce sugar in a recipe
  • Producing freeze stable recipes to ensure that they work in a classic pastry
    production setting
  • Diversifying textures: sponge, crunch, coulis/cream, mousse, glaze

Throughout my masterclasses I explain and then demonstrate, and students have the opportunity to participate in the experience.

Over a two-day masterclass there are many opportunities to become familiar with my recipe concept and to then understand how to adapt recipes to suit specific requirements.
A copy of my book gives guidance to continue to expand your repertoire and to consider how the ADAPT concept can revolutionise your pastry experience.

Please go to the website for further information on my book ADAPT

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